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Full Set

Each lash is perfectly spaced and attached to the clients own using the traditional technique of application. Excellent for first-time clients with little to no experience with lashes or clients who want a natural yet enhanced everyday look. The length, curl, and application is fully customized based on each client's needs.

Lashes remove $40 up
Full Set/Classic $199
New Client touch up $120
2 weeks touch up $79 55 mins
3 weeks touch up $89 65 mins

Volume lashes

Volume lashes also referred to as “Russian Volume Lashes,” is a style of lash application which requires the artist to apply multiple extensions to one individual eyelash. Recommended for clients with very delicate lashes. Each extension is exceptionally light and thin – creating a fluffy/soft appearance without damaging the natural eyelashes.

volume lashes $250
touch up $128 55 mins
touch up $150 75 mins


Brow $25
lip $18
Sideburns $34
face $68
Brow Tint $19
Eyelash Tint $23